Skull Ring Products: Good or Bad?

Obviously, skull ring is a new product in the market all around the world, which stands for a spirt of rebellion and freedom in the period of teen. As before we can only see such stuffs on TV, and one who wears skull ring must be the members of gangs or some bad organization involved in drug, gun or other illegal business. Therefore, most people in China strongly go against the skull ring, especially the parents group.

As for the opinion of parents, first and foremost, the skull ring wastes too much money. Generally, the price of the skull ring is no less than hundreds RMB, even thousands. There is no ordinary family in China could afford this, let alone most young buyers are still students without income for themselves. Parents insists that rather than takes money on the skull ring, they hope their kids can take it on the books or other study objectives.Furthermore, the skull ring leads a wrong trend among teens. Most teens regard it as fashion and cool to wear a skull ring, even to be involved in the street fight by acting as a gang. They think it cool, but they don’t know how dangerous it is.

On the contrary, others hold different views. Skull ring is just a product, for it cannot hurt people or bring people bad thoughts. The question is how to lead it. Just set the knife as an example, when we judge the knife itself, it is definitely dangerous for it can hurt people even kill people. But we do need it to cut fruits or vegetables, we have no necessary to deny it just because of one of his usages. The same as the skull ring, even though the image of skull ring is ugly or evil, we still should recognize its good usage such as to be a goods selling in market so that businessmen can make money.

As far as I am concerned, we need to define a thing from two different aspects. Just like the skull ring, I like it, to be honest, but it does not mean I am a bad guy. And as a thinking habit, we need to remember that so as to be a rational man and do not follow the suit.

So my friend, how do you think about the skull ring? Or, should I ask, do you live skull ring?

Skull Ring—the Nightmare of Children Fairy Tale

How do young children learn to have good values? How can parents teach their children about the importance of kindness, patience, and self-discipline? At a time when more and more parents worry about the negative and violent images their children see on TV, in the movies and, on the Internet, some are turning to fairy tales as a way to teach their young ones how to behave in society.

Fairy tales were not always intended for children, just like story of skull ring. We know this because some of these stories have existed for hundreds of years and were passed down from generation to generation through songs and drama. They were considered entertainment for everyone, not only for young people. In these ancient stories, the heroes were extremely clever, fiercely independent, and never gave up. Over the years, some of the heroes’ qualities and story lines have been changed to fit the times.

Psychologists think that fairy tales have a positive influence on children because they present the two sides of good and evil very clearly. When children hear the stories, they develop sympathetic feelings for the heroic characters. In each tale, they can see that there are many different kinds of people in the world and that we all have a choice about what kind of person we want to be. We can choose to do good actions, rather than bad ones, in our lives. So it is not proper to let children know the story of skull ring.

What kind of values can children learn from fairy tales? In “The Princess and the Pea,” a poorly dressed girl who insists she is a princess is given a difficult test by the Queen. When she passes the test, we learn that she is rewarded because she stayed true to herself. In “The Little Mermaid,” the mermaid who lives under the sea longs to be with the humans on land. Through her experiences, we learn about the importance of living with and accepting other cultures. In “Pinocchio,” a wooden puppet turns into a boy when he finally learns how to tell the truth.

Teaching values is the reason most often given for teaching literature and encouraging reading. These old stories including story of skull ring can indeed teach us lessons about human relationships that are universal enough to survive throughout the centuries. This might be the reason why they have been around for so long and are unlikely to disappear any time soon.